A New Beginning indeed!

It's been a while since I have posted. Painting a piece a day motivated me to post regularly. It served me the purpose of doing it, to find my interest. How and what and why I wanted to paint. Since then I have moved on to generate big pieces, learn new techniques and try different ideas. I didn't think much about posting these but a visit from my brother has changed all that. My brother was a hardware engineer who has turned to directing movies. Check his blog (http://rajpippalla.blogspot.com/). His first movie "Boni" has ben released in India and he came to visit us. He spent a week with me. Me painting and him, writing the script for his next release. He was curious about my painting process and the more I talked the more he got excited about painting. He encouraged me to write my thoughts down even if not on a daily basis. So here I go. First I would like to brag that I won this year's Elmira Street Painting festival's "Best in show". I did an anamorphic image of Mark Twain, our local hero. This year I used a steel trash bin for the reflector and the reflected images were not very sharp.

Finished image:

Here's the news release:


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